Can Aspies learn to drive?

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Can Aspies learn to drive?   Have you ever wondered whether people with Autism can legally learn to drive? In this post I’m going to discuss the legal requirements here in the U.K., advantages and disadvantages of driving with ASD and share some of my own experiences. The Legal Stuff So first of all, there is nothing legally that says outright that people with Autism can or cannot drive. The…
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Why I want to be called ‘Aspie’

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Why I want to be called Aspie   Evening Folks! Why I want to be called Aspie is my first post in a while. I’ve been struggling with writers block the past few weeks.  What can I blog about? What can I share about my own experiences? Then I saw a fellow blogger completing a blogging challenge and knew it would help! So my first topic is to talk about the…
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Help to stop your child having meltdowns!

Help your child stop having meltdowns! How? I hear you ask. By following my tried and tested techniques from a woman who has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome

Help your child stop having meltdowns! Yes. You heard me. You can help your child stop having meltdowns! How? I hear you ask. By following my tried and tested techniques from a woman who has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and who is also a Special Needs teacher working with pupils with ASD. Preventing your child having meltdowns isn’t going happen overnight. But if you follow these techniques, you will…
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5 Autism Myths I Wish You Knew

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 5 Autism Myths I Wish You Knew   Do you know about these autism myths? As a woman who wasn’t diagnosed with Autism until I was nearly thirty, I was shocked by how many myths about Autism there are. Here are 5 of the biggest myths about Autism busted! Autism Myth 1. We can’t make eye contact   So I get why this one is confusing. SOME people with Autism will struggle with eye…
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Autism and Secondary School Choice

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If you’re a parent of a Y6 child in England, then today is the day you find out what secondary school your child has a place at come September. This can be a nerve-wracking time for all parents, but if you have a child with special needs and, in particular, Autism, then today is the first day in a long 6 months ahead. Why? Because change, any change, can be…
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What is a Meltdown?

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Meltdown Meltdowns can be a daily problem for those on the autistic spectrum. But what is a meltdown? You’ve probably seen a child experiencing a meltdown in public and not realised it. It usually involves screaming, shouting, running away from parents. Unfortunately no amount of reassurance or offers of toys from the parent seem to work. Many people may confuse this with a tantrum and can often judge a parent without realising…
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3 Reasons Language is Difficult for Aspies

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3 Reasons Language is Difficult for Aspies Speaking to an Aspie or someone with autism can be more difficult you think! But there are reasons why language is difficult for Aspies as well as others with autism. As our brains are wired a little differently, we can often struggle to understand or process language in the same way or at the same speed.  Here’s some information and advice that can…
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Lying or misunderstood? Difficulties for those with Autism

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Lying or misunderstood? Difficulties for those with Autism Lying is not usually a trait associated with autism.  If anything, it’s usually the opposite. For those of us on the autistic spectrum, lying is very difficult as means being aware of your own body language and trying to make sure you don’t do anything that is suspicious. But trying to figure out what someone else would find suspicious is not easy…
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My Journey to a Diagnosis of Autism

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My Journey to a Diagnosis of Autism A question I’ve heard lately is “Where are all the autistic adults?” That’s right, adults with autism. Many forget that children with autism become adults with autism. Autism is not a condition someone will grow out of. It is a part of who we are and affects how we interpret everything in the world around us, from colour and music, to conversations and…
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How To Support Children With Autism With Exams

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How To Support Children With Autism With Exams Hi folks! Wow. I’ve been completely blown away by the feedback to my post http://aspiemiss.co.uk/why-aspies-need-space-after-work-and-school/ and received lots of requests for insight into other areas those with autism have difficulties with. One area that I received many requests about was how to help those with autism during exams. As a teacher, I see many pupils struggle in a variety of ways, and, whilst…
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Why Aspies Need Space After Work and School

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Why Aspies Need Space After Work and School Imagine you’re working abroad. You have some language skills but you’re by no means fluent. You can get on with your daily job but every conversation is fraught with difficulties, misunderstood phrases and confusing body language. By the time you get home, you’re exhausted and quite ready to relax in piece and quiet without confusing conversations. Now imagine that no matter how long…
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5 Tips For Teaching Noisy Pupils with Autism

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5 Tips For Teaching Noisy Pupils with Autism As a teacher, I know how hard it can be to teach noisy pupils. Not only do they tend to shout out answers and make loud contributions of their own but they can also distract other pupils within the mainstream classroom. And that’s before we even consider noisy stims… However, as a woman with Aspergers, I know how difficult it can be…
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My Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

7 cast members of tThe Big Bang Theory

I know, I know it’s a bit clichéd to like The Big Bang Theory… but I do! Comedy is very much a marmite subject for me. Some comedies I love and will watch over and over again, but others leave me completely lost. It tends to be the more physical, slapstick comedy but sometimes toe-curling, eyes-shut cringeworthy scenes can make me feel too uncomfortable to watch as well. Even my…
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Why Routine is Important to Aspies

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Why Routine is important to Aspies Ah routine… how I missed you so! I love my routine.  No, I mean I really love my routine! The safety of knowing what I’ll be doing at what time and which people I will see at which time – definitely helps when I’m not always certain of peoples names! The peace of knowing what to expect without empty gaps I have to try…
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7 Reasons Why Shopping is Difficult For Aspies

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7 Reasons Why Shopping is Difficult for Aspies I hate shopping. There I said it.  I hate it. Even today where I’m guaranteed to find something in my shape and size, the thought of going to a shopping centre and browsing the shops fills me with dread and here’s why. The reason for this is II have Aspergers Sydrome. This makes even the simplest activities difficult for many reasons. People…
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Aspie…me So… a little bit about me… I am a woman in my thirties. I live in a lovely little house by the sea with my boyfriend and our gorgeous labradoodle. I am a trained teacher in English and Drama and currently have my dream job as a Special Needs Co-ordinator in a local comprehensive school. I also have Aspergers Syndrome, a high-functioning form of Autism. Many people are surprised by…
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