Autism and Secondary School Choice

3 smiling boys with hands raised below the title Autism and School Choice Day

If you’re a parent of a Y6 child in England, then today is the day you find out what secondary school your child has a place at come September. This can be a nerve-wracking time for all parents, but if you have a child with special needs and, in particular, Autism, then today is the first day in a long 6 months ahead. Why? Because change, any change, can be…
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3 Reasons Language is Difficult for Aspies

White male facing a black woman having a serious conversation

3 Reasons Language is Difficult for Aspies Speaking to an Aspie or someone with autism can be more difficult you think! But there are reasons why language is difficult for Aspies as well as others with autism. As our brains are wired a little differently, we can often struggle to understand or process language in the same way or at the same speed.  Here’s some information and advice that can…
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How To Support Children With Autism With Exams

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How To Support Children With Autism With Exams Hi folks! Wow. I’ve been completely blown away by the feedback to my post http://aspiemiss.co.uk/why-aspies-need-space-after-work-and-school/ and received lots of requests for insight into other areas those with autism have difficulties with. One area that I received many requests about was how to help those with autism during exams. As a teacher, I see many pupils struggle in a variety of ways, and, whilst…
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