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Mutlicoloured blocks in a circle surround the title "5 autism myths"

Do you want to know some common myths about Autism? Read here to find out.

3 smiling boys with hands raised below the title Autism and School Choice Day

Moving secondary school can be especially tough for children with Autism. Read here for advice.

figure looking out over a lake with writing in black "my journey to diagnosis autism"

A must read for any adult who suspects they might be autistic. Read my journey.

Black title reads 'Lying or misunderstood. Difficulties for those with Autism. girl plays on beach in the background

Ever wondered why your child with Autism often tells lies? Read here for advice.

White male facing a black woman having a serious conversation

Speaking to someone with autism can be more difficult you think! Read here to find out why.

hands typing on laptop with post title in front

Does your child with autism struggle with exams? Read this post for tips and advice on how to help your child

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