My Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

7 cast members of tThe Big Bang Theory

7 cast members of tThe Big Bang Theory

I know, I know it’s a bit clichéd to like The Big Bang Theory… but I do!

Comedy is very much a marmite subject for me. Some comedies I love and will watch over and over again, but others leave me completely lost. It tends to be the more physical, slapstick comedy but sometimes toe-curling, eyes-shut cringeworthy scenes can make me feel too uncomfortable to watch as well.

Even my love of Leonardo DiCaprio can’t persuade me to watch something everyone else finds hysterical, as I discovered an hour into watching The Wolf of Wall Street. Whilst those around me in the cinema laughed to the point crying I sat wondering if I was watching a different film! Luckily my ever patient other half understood and we left early.

This why I love The Big Bang Theory. Not only does it have an excellent cast but its writers are so talented that they make the comedy clever, observant and humorous. Being able to relate to certain situations also helps. Finally, I can watch somebody else interpret things literally and the hilarious consequences rather than being the one left to figure out what just happened!

Many people say it is obvious that the character Sheldon Cooper has autism but this has long been denied by the writers and either way I don’t think it matters. What matters is that there is a comic character bumbling through life, still managing to be brilliant at what he does that I can actually relate to!

I also love the fact he has such a close group of friends who all accept him as he is – a quirky genius. They know his peculiarities and for the most part accept them whilst gradually pushing his boundaries to help him make slow progress with social rules.

Every lonely child, lost teenager and isolated adult watches and feels hope that there are people out there who would accept them. Hope is such a fabulous emotion to inspire in others. How can I not love this show?!

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Aspie Miss


  1. Malcolm

    Our 9 yo son has recently been diagnosed on the spectrum and it’s opened our eyes to some of his quirkiness even more than before. I love Shelton Cooper and when he’s old enough for it I’ll introduce “Our little Shelton” to the show. By the way I just found your blog and I wanted to say thank you for it. I worry for our son as he gets older and life gets harder but we’ve got a good team around him.

    1. Aspie Miss (Post author)

      I like the fact that there’s a character I can relate to on TV. A lot of his ‘strange’ behaviours are often driven through previous experiences, such as his knocking 3 times, which was recently revealed to have started after he walked in on his Dad and another woman. Once you understand the reasons, it doesn’t seen that strange anymore. Thank you for your comment, I’m going to keep posting insights which will hopefully be of use to you and other parents.

  2. Aging Aspie

    My Wife refers to me interchangeably as “Her Sheldon” or “Her Moss” .. Moss is a character from the British (and a rather rough American remake) comedy show called “The I.T. Crowd” he is my personal hero. I find Sheldon far too rude at times to be totally likable. Moss, on the other hand is lovable, dorky and intelligent ( just like me 😉 ) he even has my own particular hang-up and doesn’t like swearing but instead uses minced oaths.


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