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Why I want to be called ‘Aspie’

Why I want to be called Aspie over picture of woman with raised hands

Why I want to be called Aspie   Evening Folks! Why I want to be called Aspie is my first post in a while. I’ve been struggling with writers block the past few weeks.  What can I blog about? What can I share about my own experiences? Then I saw a fellow blogger completing a blogging challenge and knew it would help! So my first topic is to talk about the…
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Why Aspies Need Space After Work and School

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Why Aspies Need Space After Work and School Imagine you’re working abroad. You have some language skills but you’re by no means fluent. You can get on with your daily job but every conversation is fraught with difficulties, misunderstood phrases and confusing body language. By the time you get home, you’re exhausted and quite ready to relax in piece and quiet without confusing conversations. Now imagine that no matter how long…
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Why Routine is Important to Aspies

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Why Routine is important to Aspies Ah routine… how I missed you so! I love my routine.  No, I mean I really love my routine! The safety of knowing what I’ll be doing at what time and which people I will see at which time – definitely helps when I’m not always certain of peoples names! The peace of knowing what to expect without empty gaps I have to try…
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7 Reasons Why Shopping is Difficult For Aspies

Street scene with title '7 reasons why shopping is difficult for Aspies

7 Reasons Why Shopping is Difficult for Aspies I hate shopping. There I said it.  I hate it. Even today where I’m guaranteed to find something in my shape and size, the thought of going to a shopping centre and browsing the shops fills me with dread and here’s why. The reason for this is II have Aspergers Sydrome. This makes even the simplest activities difficult for many reasons. People…
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